Specialty Services

Andover_services1As part of our commitment to meeting the various needs of our patients, we have developed a series of specialty services that address certain medical conditions often related to advanced-aging, and serious injuries and illnesses.

Green Village can meet the needs of patients with complex care issues by offering a combination of quality clinical and rehabilitation services.


Specialty Services

  • Orthopedic Recovery
  • Cardiac Care
  • Pain Management
  • Wound Care
  • Palliative Care

  • TPN Nutrition
  • Stroke Recovery
  • Optometrist
  • Diabetic Monitoring
  • IV Therapy


On-Site Dialysis

Dialysis at Green Village is provided 3 days a week by trained Davita techs and is overseen by a board-certified nephrologist.  This service is open to short-term patients at Green Village with the plan of discharging home with Home Hemodialysis.


  • No need for expensive transportation for dialysis treatments
  • Focus on individual’s unique schedule
  • Coordinated approach

Coordinated Care

  • Minimized disruptions of planned therapy and meals
  • Patients will be able to maintain similarities to their current dialysis routine
  • Simplified scheduling

Improved Patient Health 

  • Higher staff to patient ratio in dialysis suites
  • Better control of hypertension and anemia
  • Closer monitoring of patients care and medications


Hospice Care

Compassionate hospice support is among the many specialty programs offered at our facility. Consisting of pain and symptom management, palliative care, counseling, and spiritual support for both patients and their families, our dedicated hospice professionals provide support and assistance in making each day a meaningful one, and preserving dignity through compassion and choice.

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